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What Should I Wear?    Comfortable Clothing is fine.   You may even keep your dry shoes on.  (We give you surgical booties to cover them while in Salt Rooms)  If you do take your shoes off, you must wear clean white socks to walk on the salt.

Will I Be Hot or Cold?  Our salt rooms are kept between 65-70° with an average humidity of 40%.  We provide blankets in case you get chilly. 

How Many Sessions Do I Need?  Initially, five sessions spaced closely together will maximize the effect.  Most clients experience reduced congestion, better breathing, better sleeping, reduced headaches from sinus pressure, and decreased inhaler use.

How Often Should I Return?  Once initial sessions have been completed, ongoing maintenance will help you feel better.    It's individual, and you will likely recognize when you need to return.  Typically, 1 or 2 sessions weekly help maintain a state of wellness.

What Do I Do In the Salt Room?  Mostly, sit back in our super comfy zero gravity chairs, listen to relaxing music or a meditation audio and breathe deeply.  Many clients fall asleep and awaken very refreshed. 

How Will I Feel After the Session?  You may notice a slight difference the evening after your first session.  You may have a loose cough or sinus drainage.  This is absolutely NORMAL and exactly what you want to occur.  A good night's sleep is a typical response from most Salt Therapy goers!




  • Please Arrive 15 minutes before session to check in or register. Be sure to arrive free from odors of perfume, smoke, heavy lotions, food, or anything that may be overwhelming to our guests.
  • Quiet Please upon arrival (phones off/soft voices)
  • No food or drinks in Salt Rooms
  • Leave Valuables In Car
  • Please remove all jewelry.   It may get damaged in salt air or lost in our salt-covered floors.


  • You will be given shoe bootie covers to put over clean, dry shoes.  You may also wear clean white socks if you choose to take your shoes off.
  • If you need an inhaler or other medical device, please bring it with you into the session.
  • We discourage the use of cell phones in the Salt Rooms.  If you must bring it in, it must be silenced and dimmed so others in the salt room will not be disturbed.
  • Feel free to stop by to look at our Salt Therapy Spa if you would like to talk to one our staff members and see if Salt Therapy is right for you



  • Please Arrive Odor Free;  no perfume, smoke, food or fragrance-producing products.
  • Please arrive on time; once session has started, we cannot let anyone in the Salt Rooms
  • Please use restrooms before session, as we discourage opening the door during sessions
  • Typically, Open Sessions are Quiet Zones, with no talking.  If your group has reserved the entire Salt Room for themselves; you may talk as much as you like!
  • Please leave valuables including phone, jewelry, purse in your car.   (We have lockers but cannot be responsible for any items.)
  • Presence of a guardian is required for children under 12 years
  • Children under 6 must be accompanied by adult in Salt Room